March, Women, March

Fight for the Right: the Birmingham Suffragettes

On June 4th 100 years ago Emily Wilding Davison stepped out in front of the galloping horses at the Derby and attempted to grab the reigns of the King’s horse, Anmer. She died from her injuries four days later. There has been much press and media interest in the suffragettes over the last couple of weeks, for example,Deeds not Words by Val McDermid on BBC Radio 4, Clare Balding’s Channel 4 programme, Secrets of a Suffragette, Up the Women, a new comedy by Jessica Hynes, and The Independent’s New Suffragettes, to name a few, and there are many more events yet to come, including The Wilding Festival, Kate Willoughby’s To Freedom’s Cause, Dreadnought South West’s production of Oxygen, and our own project, Fight for the Right: the Birmingham Suffragettes. A new book has also been published, March, Women, March, by…

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