Here’s one of the earlier blog entries for the Fight for the Right project I’m currently managing.

Fight for the Right: the Birmingham Suffragettes

After receiving great news that our project, Fight for the Right, was going to be funded by the HLF it was all systems go! Workshops at Birmingham Archives were the first activities planned, so the students can begin their research into the Birmingham Suffragettes andSuffragists. Most of the young people didn’t realise that there were two groups of women using different methods to try and gain the right to vote. At the first workshop we thought about this and looked at examples of both peaceful and non-peaceful protest.

One of the most notorious incidents of militant protest occurred when Prime Minister Asquith visited Birmingham’s Bingley Hall to address the Liberal meeting on the budget. The Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) tried to gain entry to the meeting but were prevented from doing so.

Alternative tactics were then employed – two of the women climbed onto the…

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