Fight for the Right!

One of the projects I’m currently working on is called Fight for the Right: the Birmingham Suffragettes, and we were extremely pleased to be awarded funding for this by the Heritage Lottery Fund under their Young Roots programme. The project involves students from two local Birmingham schools, Kings Norton Girls School and Waverley School, working with myself, staff from Birmingham Archives & Heritage, and Sima Gonsai, a local history filmmaker.

While the young people involved have some knowledge of the suffragettes, they wanted to know more about local women who were part of activities in Birmingham, some of which took place very near to where the students live. Fight for the Right will provide an exciting opportunity to learn about the Birmingham suffragettes using the collections held at the city archives and to interpret that material through film, online and through social media. Focusing on debate and campaigning, the young people will develop their own ideas and opinions about voting systems, politics and protesting.

Lots of activities have been planned, including visiting the Archives, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and the Women’s Library, along with walking tours round Birmingham and meeting with a local MP.

It’s going to be a great opportunity for young people to engage with really important issues so keep following for updates on our progress.